ADVICOM was founded by Ton de Rooij. Initially it was intended that ADVICOM would focus entirely on consultancy. Soon the activities became:
  • giving advice
  • doing specific work. E.g. guarding business IT-alignment and information architecture, supporting information management, specifying requirement and functional specifications of information systems
  • managing transitions (of data and of the transition to new software for the core process)
  • organizing courses / workshops
  • developing courses / workshops
  • writing books
For organizing courses / workshops and for writing books Ton de Rooij founded EDUCOM. For organizing courses / workshops ADVICOM and EDUCOM cooperate. The courses / workshops are also offered through the EDUCOM website. In 2018 EDUCOM has become publisher.

ADVICOM resides in Woerden. Woerden is situated centrally. This makes it easier to reach. This is why participants for the courses / workshops come from all over the Netherlands. This is also why consultancy, work and 'in house' workshops can be done all over The Netherlands, even over surrounding countries (Belgium and Germany).

something about Ton de Rooij

Ton de Rooij had his education at the University of Amsterdam. There he became a business economist, with specialization in administrative organization. After his studies he has worked for some time at the university before he founded ADVICOM.

He has written a number of books. These books are used in the courses / workshops Data Modeling, Data modeling for Business Intelligence / BI (star models, cubes, data vault), Requirements, Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence, Database Technology and Design, and SQL.

He has worked in all kinds of fields. Before the founding of ADVICOM he developed software for a query language, a mailing system and a system for making offers for water purifying installations. He even developed software for controlling these purifying installations. Since he founded ADVICOM he is substantively engaged and does consultancy. He is information architect. He is business intelligence expert. In the role of information architect he deals with the way business and IT are aligned. In that role he also has been involved in content management for transitions (merging data of different companies, transition to new software for the core process). He further does the work of an analyst and makes functional specifications. He develops and gives many workshops / courses. He coaches in projects as an independent expert.

vision of ADVICOM

The vision of ADVICOM is to share knowledge through courses / workshops or individual coaching and to help clients by doing substantively work for them or consulting them.
The courses / workshops of ADVICOM are intensive and held in a short time span of one or two days. After the courses / workshops the participants must be able get answers from their teacher for questions that raise during bringing in practice their newly learned skills. The groups of participants are kept small. The courses are given by qualified teachers, preferably teachers that wrote books on the subject they are teaching.
In the execution of substantive work ADVICOM prefers to build longstanding relations, aiming for confidence on both sides. The work is aimed at the business side of IT, more specifically business and IT alignment, information management, IT and innovation, information architecture, and business architecture. Besides that ADVICOM is working in the field of business economics outside of IT.