ADVICOM and innovation
ADVICOM helps organizations to establish innovative ideas and following up on these ideas, especially in the field of IT, and using IT in the business processes. ADVICOM wants to support organizations in the process of the inception of innovation and in the process of realization of innovation. If needed ADVICOM establishes an 'innovation center' for giving direction to the innovation.

ADVICOM develops concepts for organizations, or helps organizations with developing concepts. Many organizations feel the need to do work on innovation, but have not integrated working on innovation in their way of doing business. Developing concepts is about finding things that are not part of the current business but would fit very well in it, and make the business better. The organization can use this to stay ahead of the competition. The innovations may make the information environment more viable, but can also lead to new ways of doing business or improving the processes of the business. They may also extend the list of products and services of a business.

The procedure used by ADVICOM is: