Realization of Concepts

The concept and the direction of the concept will not get you were you want to finish. A very import phase in innovation is the realization of a concept. The direction is still in place for this, but for the realization itself there is project management as well. In most cases a concept is about something new that is not part of the current business process. Therefore a lot has to be taken care of in the realization phase: acquiring production means, making a communication plan, training staff, buying materials, introducing the concept, getting the concept working, setting up a maintenance organization, etcetera.

The steps neeeded for this are:
Role of ADVICOM in the realization of an innovation
For the greater part new specialized people will be involved in the realization of an innovation. However, it is necessary to assure that the knowledge and experience acquired in the previous phases are also available during the realiazation. In the previous phase normally a lot of knowledge and experience are acquired. That must not get lost during the realization phase. This is why ADVICOM will also be involved in the realization phase, partially in the execution, partially in the way an architect sees to it that what is designed really comes about. ADVICOM uses an experienced information architect and/or an experienced program manager for this.

In an early stage there should be consensus about which result an innovation should bring. By being involved in all phases of the innovation makes it easier to reach an agreement on this beforehand. Next to that, involvement in all phases means for ADVICOM having the chance to get the concept realized entirely and to ensure that the feedback from the directing phase and the realization phase is used to enhance the concept (if possible).