Directing to realise Concepts

Why is direction necessary
Essential for our approach is having direction. Successful working with concepts is only possible if we can turn concepts into reality. Organizations normally are not equipped to deal with a newly developed concept. Management is not focused on this, the way the business works is not (production, workflows, help desk, maintenance, etcetera), the production means are not, the communications are not, and so forth.

For the conducting of direction we set up a direction bureau. The direction activities are:
Direction by ADVICOM
In the organization a process is needed to get the newly developed concept accepted and made part of the way the organization does its business. Everybody in the organization must find it normal that the organization works on concepts. For this ADVICOM can do the direction or help support the direction. For direction it is important to get the people feel the same, have momentum in the change process needed, and set up the right infrastructure. This leads to continuity during a longer period. In this ADVICOM focusses less on technique and more on the way things are organized.