Advice / Consultancy

solving the real problems

The consultancy and advice of Advicom is not limited to the technical side of problems. The real problem of an organization is often that it is not clear which IT technology the organization needs. Next to that is not always clear what the business problem is that must be solved by the IT technology. That is why a lot of the consultancy is about what the organization wants (or should want) and what the organization needs.

working in a specific task

Working in a specific task is for Advicom: supporting the CIO, working in the role of information architect, business architect, business intelligence expert. Typical things he does in these roles: determining business requirements, making functional specifications, making data models, making a database design, helping setting up the information gathering for a business intelligence solution, finding out which problems have to be solved in getting an information system reliable.
For these roles Advicom has been involved in transitions of software environments and the merging of car lease companies.

relation with the client

Advicom can very well relate to a client. A client wants to be sure of quality and getting a problem really solved. Advicom is focused on that. With a lot of his clients there is not a supplier-client relationship, but a relation between partners. This leads to long term relationships.