Initiative CIO 2.0: working as a team

the power of working as a team
The CIO 2.0 initiative offers support by working as a team. Working as a pair in part time rather than one working full time is standard. Each of the pair is the listening ear for the other. Next to that the two have different skills. This enlarges the number of skills available. The two are not always immediately in view of the employees of the organization. The CIO may start with one of them in view. The other will stay in the background.

the formation of the team
Gradually, when the occasion arises, the second can also come in view, and even a larger team can be formed. This larger team will consist of people of the organization itself and of people from outside. The internal team members already have a function qualification. External team members can be given function names like information architect, project leader, program manager, policy maker IT.

reporting to the CIO and consultation structures
The team directly reports to the CIO. The wishes of the CIO are leading for the team. For being successful the team member must be able to properly deal with people. Furthermore the team must be able to set up the right consultation structures with stakeholders and others in the organization.