Initiative CIO 2.0: advantages for the CIO

The advantages for the CIO when making use of the CIO 2.0 initiative are many. One advantage is that instead of using internal people the amount of use of people may vary by need. This can keep the costs low. There are other advantages as well:
  • no information leaking out internally (when the CIO has something investigated internally, it may become known in the organization. This may have consequences the CIO would rather not have),
  • being able to move independent of the internal political field,
  • being able to use expertise of the entire field of IT, not only the expertise the people internally have (a lot of expertise is only needed temporarily. The CIO does not always employ somebody he/she can consult),
  • map the ins and outs of problems by experts without using much of the time of the CIO,
  • . . .

Initiative CIO 2.0: 2.0
The CIO 2.0 initiative is meant to fully support the work of the CIO. That is not to say that the CIO is not capable of doing the work himself/herself. On the contrary, the CIO can do more in the sparse time he/she has. This may help the CIO to function on a higher level. This is expressed in the name of the initiative. Not the initiative itself is central, but the CIO himself/herself is central. The designation 2.0 is meant to relate to the CIO.